You’re the Proud Owner of a New Vehicle Wrap, Now What!?

Drive it. What good does your vehicle wrap do if it just sits in the back parking lot of your business? (Wait, what’s that you say? Yes, you’re right…) Absolutely NOTHING! Your wrap exists to promote the awareness of your brand and share with your customers what you are all about. Whether it is being shown off around town, parked in a neighborhood, or displayed at an event, your wrap can lead potential clients right to you! If your business environment doesn’t involve taking your wrapped vehicle on frequent service calls around town, hit the streets with it on your lunch break…park it in a high traffic area where it will be seen…and drive it to an event. Show off what yo’ mama gave you (or we gave you).

Tell people about it. Ever since the great Al Gore invented the Internet in the 90’s, our world became more connected. Nowadays, social networks like Facebook and Twitter allow us to communicate with our family, friends, and customers like never before. Once you have your vehicle wrapped, why not share a picture of it on your Facebook page!? Email it? Tweet it? Or if you’re the old-fashioned type, call those friends and existing customers on the phone (or tell them in person). Who knows, your next customer could be an existing customer’s friend or acquaintance. Let them do the work for you.

Take care of it. For the care of your new vehicle wrap, we recommend providing it healthy food/fresh water, daily vitamins like Vitamins C and D, and weekly oatmeal baths followed by a massage of assorted moisturizing oils. Easy enough? But for real, mild soaps…water...NO CAR WASH. We have a whole set of care instructions here, and we highly recommend you follow them. A little weekly TLC will go a long way in keeping your wrap in great condition.

Integrate it. Your vehicle wrap should be a part of larger marketing or promotional efforts for your business. You want more people to call you up, email you, and buy your product or service, correct? As you are endorsing your brand, consider a direct mail piece. Or email blasts to your existing clients asking for advice, comments, or referrals. And of course, the aforementioned social media: the megaphone for word-of-mouth advertising. An integrated marketing campaign which involves outdoor advertising (your vehicle wrap), direct mail, social media, etc. simultaneously will prove wonders for your business.

So now that your vehicle is wrapped …don’t just leave it out there to dry! Use it often. Share it with those in your network. Maintain it. And absorb it into your culture, marketing efforts, and the everyday running of your business. You’ll be glad you did.

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